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5 out of 5 stars based on 302 reviews.

Patient Review By Janet K

My experience was excellent. All staff encounters were pleasant and professional, but I especially liked my doctor. He explained all steps of the process, was very gentle and the procedure was relatively painless (until the Novocain left). I wish I could see him for all dental procedures.

- Janet K

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Patient Review By Cathy S

The staff saw that I was shivering and gave me a blanket which was great, with already being a bit nervous the blanket was warm and made me much more comfortable. I would have never thought a root canal would have been this easy. I would definitely recommend them.

- Cathy S

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Patient Review By Cindi B

I’m grateful they were able to do my procedure within a week of my call, so I’m no longer in pain.

- Cindi B

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Patient Review By Scott S

I just wrote a review on Google Reviews. And I am compelled to leave one here as well. Dr. Papworth and "Katelyn" were amazing! I am just now home from my procedure. My amazing dentist in Baxter, MN referred me to Great River Endodontics for my root canal, because it was an intricate location beyond the crown on the tooth. I must say that walking dogs, hanging out with family & friends might be your choice for how to spend a day rather than this procedure. But if you HAD to have this procedure, let me share that this IS the place! I was treated with kindness from the moment I walked in, by the professional staff at the desk. And Dr. Papworth and Katelyn were kind, fun, funny (!), competent, and compassionate. They invited any and all questions that I had, clearly explained the procedure, made sure that I was comfortable throughout, and completed this delicate and intricate procedure with a level of confidence and professionalism that is top-shelf. I honestly had fun(!) I know, I sounds like I'm lying. But for a root canal that is pain free, with such capable and wonderful people ~ I drove back home with a profound sense of gratitude and joy. I highly recommend this firm! And I'm certain that all of the staff are equally amazing. But I will be requesting these two if I need this procedure in the future!

- Scott S

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Patient Review By Joy J

Very friendly providing information to me.

- Joy J

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Patient Review By Steve P

I was treated very well. I was having an issue and was able to get scheduled quickly, staff was friendly and very focused on examining and resolving my issue, keeping me informed as they proceeded.

- Steve P

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Patient Review By David G

I had two root canals done on two separate days. They both went very smoothly and the Dr. and staff made the whole process very comfortable. I highly recommend!!

- David G

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Patient Review By Jenna W

Everyone was so nice. The doctor was very informative on what he was doing. He asked me how I was doing quite a bit.

- Jenna W

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Patient Review By Mary J

The staff and the Doctor were very careing hope I donot need to go back . But if I do there my choice. Thank you for the care.

- Mary J

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Patient Review By Sandra G

I received great care during my procedure. Everyone was kind and very professional.

- Sandra G

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Patient Review By Val A

Thank you for getting me in for a root canal! Everyone was great!

- Val A

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Patient Review By Brenda M

Everyone was so nice. Was very comfortable for an uncomfortable procedure. Everything was explained thoroughly in luding the cost

- Brenda M

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Patient Review By Sue P

The staff was excellent and understanding.

- Sue P

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Patient Review By Mary R

My regular dentist, Dr. Mike Hanson, was out of town the whole week of this painful tooth event. His on call doc was Dr. Jake Stricherz of West Central Dental, who suggested I have a root canal & arranged an appointment w/ Great River Endodontics. Got in on Thurs., Sept. 8th at 2:15 p.m. Dr. Lund presented two opitions: do the root canal or have it pulled. I choose to have it pulled. Dr. Lund recommended going across the street to the Oral-Facial surgery place. Did so, tooth was pulled Friday, Sept. 9th. Dr. Lund was excellent & the receptionist, too. But------just have to comment on their sterile, austere waiting area. It gave the feeling of "didn't quite move in here, not going to be here long, just the basics, pay your bill & you can go home. Not even any plastic plants, like in Dr. Jake's modern minimal black/sleek lines 2 yr. old "new" office. Loads of paperwork that could've been done online---the people there did their part w/ all the dental toys available, but the place was so uninviting. Shelves empty----know they are only there a few days a week/month? Know the Covid thing caused some revamping----but the place could use some softening of some sort. Know my experience was a "hit & run" thing, and it may seem minor to whoever is going to read this survey----just think some improvements could be made there. 🙂

- Mary R

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Patient Review By Robert B

Great job on redoing my root canal!

- Robert B

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Patient Review By Alan P

Everything went very well and the doctor was very thorough and did a great job.

- Alan P

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Patient Review By Margaret R

After not being able to get in anywhere quickly for a root canal, this clinic gave me an appointment and did the job! I was in so much pain and as soon as the dr was done, the pain was gone! I highly recommend this clinic! They are great!

- Margaret R

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Patient Review By David H

Everything went smooth, quick procedure, prices may be a little more than competition.

- David H

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Patient Review By Roger D

I cannot possibly imagine how Great River Endodontist could improve on the services preformed. Brian was remarkabley skilled and sensitive for my root canal procedure and I experienced virtually no pain during this efficient procedure. The office was clean, modern and the staff was cheerful. I drove 140 miles to this appointment and I would do it again in the unfortunate event I would ever need another root canal.

- Roger D

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Patient Review By SueP 8

Dr. Saylor was phenomenal. I am afraid of all dental treatments. He not only made me feel good during the treatment, but he did excellent work! The staff was awesome, and Stacy picked out some great music!

- SueP 8

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